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Wegman’s features noble fir and silver tip trees in all sizes. We flock, fire retard and deliver!

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We have garlands, swags, wreaths and candle rings that to the festivity at your table.

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We offer master gardening tips and advice each month for areas of your garden.

January Garden Tips

For more, see our Care Guides and Garden Tips.

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upcoming events

Order Bare-Root Fruit Trees & Roses Now!

Closed: January 1st – Tuesday
REOPEN January 2nd – Wednesday at 8:00 AM

January 20 – Sunday – from 1-3pm
ROSES SEMINAR with Andy Broderson here at the nursery

January 27 – Sunday – from  1-3pm
FRUIT TREE PRUNING SEMINAR with Mark Wegman here at the nursery

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A beautiful red poinsettia makes a bold holiday statement.

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