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Rose Care Products

Nurseryman's Rose Planting Mix - an excellent blend of fir bark fines, forest humus, peat moss, perlite, worm castings, chicken manure, alfalfa meal, bat guano, and bone meal. Use directly in container planting or mix half and half with native soil for planting in the ground. Also makes excellent mulch 1 to 3 inches deep.

Gold Rush - this is great mulch for new and existing roses. Helps save water, prevents soil surface baking, keeps soil cool in summer, deters weed growth, and contributes to healthy soil structure. One bag will cover 12 square feet applied 2 inches thick.

Master Nursery Rose & Flower Food - complete source of essential nutrients especially Sulfer and Iron for controlling pH during the growing season. Use monthly from February to September. One 10 pound bag will feed 4 rose bushes for 5 months.

Gardner & Bloome Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer - made with 100% organic ingredients containing bone meal, alfalfa meal and beneficial soil microbes plus Mycorrhizae. Apply every two months throughout the growing season.

Alfalfa Meal - breaks down slowly, releasing triacontanol and mild doses of nitrogen. Triacontanol stimulates basal breaks in roses, spurring growth of new canes. Apply in May and July.

Concern Weed Prevention Plus - the gluten derived from corn acts as a natural suppressor to weed seeds, preventing them from germinating. Because it contains vegetable protein, it also serves as a slow release fertilizer (8-2-4). Apply it right after pruning your roses in January to keep weeds out of the rose beds.

Master Nursery Pest Fighter Sprayers - a handy, easy-to-use sprayer for those jobs done by the serious home gardener. The sprayers are available in both 1 and 2 gallon sizes.

Gilmer Hose End Sprayer - ideal when you have numerous plants to spray. No waste, no premixing-uses chemicals directly and adjusts from 1 teaspoon to the gallon to 10 tablespoons to the gallon by setting a convenient dial. Leftover chemicals are returned directly to original container.

Bonide Fung-onil (Chlorothalonil) is a preventive and eradicant for rust, mildew and black spot.

Safer Garden Fungicide (sulfur) - a preventive for controlling mildew and spider mites.

Liqui-Cop - for dormant spraying and organic control of diseases.

Pest Fighter Year-Round Spray Oil - for dormant spraying, organic contact control of insects and as an organic eradicant for fungus disease.

Felco Pruners - the #1 brand of pruners worldwide, built for longevity and durability. Highest quality replaceable blades ensure clean cuts. Felcos come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit every hand.

Felco Hand Saws - Felco 600, Felco 611, Felco 621 chrome steel with replaceable parts Felco 600 - compact, folding pull stroke pruning saw, 6 inch blade Felco 621 - Pull stroke pruning saw 9.5 inch blade

Felco 611 - pull stroke pruning saw, 13 inch blade.

Last update: 07/16/2022

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