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Choosing Roses for Your Garden

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Roses are a perfect Valentine’s gift and Wegman’s Nursery has a huge selection! Here are some tips for choosing the perfect rose for your perfect gardener.

Roses are a worthwhile addition to almost any garden. We say almost always, because if there are not six or more hours of full sunlight over the rose bed, you cannot expect total success. All of the other factors needed for growing good roses (soil, water, nutrients, and pet control) can be adjusted by the gardener.

Decide what you want your roses to do. If you want a mass of color and don’t need long-stemmed roses, Floribunda Roses will be your choice. If you want long-stemmed roses suitable for bouquets, then Hybrid Tea Roses should be your choice. There are many other types of roses besides the Floribunda and Hybrid Teas such as Climbers (which can be Climbing Hybrid Teas or Climbing Floribundas). Among these two groups are many colors, fragrances and disease susceptibilities to consider.

Here are some recommendations to get you started or to enhance your rose garden. These roses will all grow well in a Peninsula rose garden if the factors listed above are properly applied.

Color-Name Color Description Fragrance Type Form
RED- Mister Lincoln** Velvety Deep Red Strong Damask Rose Hybrid Tea Bush
Olympiad Brilliant Red Light Fruity Hybrid Tea Bush or Tree
Drop Dead Red Red Velvet Mild Tea Floribunda Bush or Tree
Oklahoma** Dark Velvety Red Strong Rose Hybrid Tea Bush
PINK- Bewitched •• Even Cotton Candy Pink Rich Rose Hybrid Tea Bush or Tree
New Zealand ** Soft Creamy Pink Strong Honeysuckle Hybrid Tea Bush
Jump For Joy • Peachy Pink Mild Apple Floribunda Bush
WHITE - Honor Crisp Bright White Slight Tea Hybrid Tea Bush
John F. Kennedy** Pure White Heavy Hybrid Tea Bush
Iceberg Ice White Mild Honey Floribunda Bush or Tree or Climber
Sugar Moon •• Super Fragrant Pure White Intense Sweet Citrus Hybrid Tea Bush or Tree
ORANGE(ish) - Fragrant Cloud ** Deep Coral Red-Orange Strong Hybrid Tea Bush
Pumpkin Patch • Carmel Orange Moderate Fruity Floribunda Bush
Good As Gold ** Deep Golden Orange-Yellow Grapefruit & Citrus Hybrid Tea Bush
YELLOW- Henry Fonda* Deep Yellow Light Sweet Hybrid Tea Bush
Midas Touch** Yellow Moderate Hybrid Tea Bush
Julia Child •• Butter Gold Strong, Sweet Licorice Floribunda Bush or Tree
MAUVE  - Stainless Steel ** Silvery Lavender Strong Rose Hybrid Tea Bush
Intrigue • ** Novel Plum Purple Strong Citrus Floribunda Bush
BLENDS - Peace •• Lemony Yellow edged Pure Pink Mild Fruity Hybrid Tea Bush
Just Joey •• Delicious Rich Apricot Strong Fruity Hybrid Tea Bush or Tree
Double Delight • •• Cream While Blushing to Red Strong Spicy Rose Hybrid Tea Bush or Tree
Cinco De Mayo * Smoky Lavender & Rusty Red Moderate Sweet Apple Floribunda Bush
Livin' Easy • ** Apricot Orange Moderate Fruity Floribunda Bush
Tuscan Sun* Deep Apricot-Orange Light Spicy Floribunda Bush

All of these roses are available at Wegman’s Nursery plus many other varieties! The varieties listed above that are marked with a double asterisk (**) are especially fragrant and will produce wonderful bouquets or act alone in a small vase to refresh an entire room.

There are no specific rules about using roses in the landscape. You may choose to have some Hybrid Teas and some Floribundas in the same bed. Just remember to put the taller Hybrid Teas in the back and the shorter Floribundas in front.

If you are just starting your first rose bed, it is important to prepare the soil properly. You will need a bag of Nurseryman’s Rose Planting Mix for every two roses plus a handful of Master Nursery Start Fertilizer for each bush.

We will be happy to decorate a container with foil wrap and a bow as a Valentine’s gift; just let us know!

Check out our web site for more information pertaining to our Care Guides for Roses.

Last update: 07/16/2022

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