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Easy Care Plants

Few or no disease problems
Few or no insect pests
Little maintenance
By no means an exhaustive list!


Coleus (PS)
Cosmos (FS)
Fibrous Begonias (FS, PS)
Lobelia (FS)
Violas (PS)
Zinnia FS)


Bacopa (PS)
Brachycome (FS) - Swan River Daisy
Gaura (FS)
Helleborus (PS) - Hellebore
Heuchera (PS) - Coral Bells
Nemesia (FS)
Penstemon (FS) - Beard Tongue
Scabiosa (FS) Pincushion Flower
Salvia greggii (FS) - Autumn Sage


Flower Carpet Roses (FS)
Olympiad (Hybrid Tea) (FS)
Cinco de Mayo (Floribunda) (FS)
Rosa Rugosa (FS)


Aucuba Japonica Varieties (PS)
Correa Pulchrum (FS) - Australian Fuchsia
Pittosporum Tobira 'Wheeler's Dwarf' (FS) - Dwarf Mock orange
Sollya Heterophylla (FS, PS) - Australian Bluebell
Sarcococca Ruscifolia (PS)


Jasminum Polyanthemum (FS, PS) - Pink Jasmine
Lonicera Hildebrandeana (FS, PS) - Giant Burmese Honeysuckle
Solanum Jasminoides (FS, PS) - White Potato Vine
Trachelospermum Jasminoides (FS, PS) - Star Jasmine

FS - Full Sun
PS - Part Sun

Last update: 07/13/2022

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