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Living Christmas Tree Care

Your living Christmas tree normally grows out of doors. Bringing the tree inside is not a normal environment for the tree and special precautions are required to keep your tree healthy so it may be enjoyed Christmas after Christmas.  Water the tree thoroughly the day before bringing it inside.

The living Christmas tree can remain indoors for up to five days—absolute maximum of seven days—in a light, well ventilated, cool room.

The danger to the living tree indoors is that the needles will dry out. Unfortunately, dead needles and branches may not show up on the tree for two months after it is returned outside. To help prevent the needles from drying out, spray the entire tree with Wilt Stop® the afternoon before bringing the tree indoors. This protective spray coats the needles and prevents some of the normal water loss from the needles.


  • Water the tree well the day before bringing it indoors.
  • Spray the entire tree with Wilt Stop®.
  • Place tree indoors in the most well lighted, coolest area possible.
  • Do not place tree near a heater vent or fireplace.
  • Place a waterproof saucer or dish under the container in which the tree is planted to prevent staining the floor or carpet.
  • Each day check the soil in the container for moisture. If the soil is moist do not water. If the top two inches of the soil is dry, water the tree until a small amount of water shows in the saucer.
  • After five days, remove the tree from indoors and place it outdoors in a shaded area where it will not receive any direct sun between 10:00am and 4:00pm.
  • Water the tree until water runs out the bottom (remove saucer) and let soil drain.
  • After two weeks, move the tree into a more lighted area—check soil for moisture.
  • After two more weeks, move the tree to its permanent summer place and water as needed.
  • Fertilize the tree with Master Nursery® Formula 49™ once a month from March through October.
  • Prune the tree, if necessary, in June; cut back any wild branches and trim the tree to its desirable shape. Avoid cutting the tip at all costs, this will damage the shape of the tree.
  • The tree should be ready to enjoy inside again by the following December.
  • The tree will need to be repotted or planted in the ground after four years.
Last update: 07/13/2022

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