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Christmas Tree Checklist

  • Choose the perfect Wegman’s noble fir or silver tip tree.
  • Purchase a Gunnard Christmas Tree Stand from Wegman’s or provide us with a previously purchased (clean) Gunnard stand and we’ll set it up for you (Gunnard stands only)
  • Would you like your tree custom flocked?
  • By law, if your tree is going in a commercial building it should be treated with a fire retardant-we can do this for you.
  • Have Wegman’s spray your tree with Wilt Stop® to keep it fresher.
  • Do you need it delivered?
  • If you are having your tree delivered by Wegman’s and put into your Gunnard Christmas Tree Stand we will have this done for you.
  • When you get your tree home make a fresh cut. For additional information, please see our Care Guide for Cut Christmas Trees. Proper care is critical this year because the season is up to six weeks.
  • Water your tree and add Keeps-It-Green® Christmas tree preservative, following the directions on the package. Be sure to check the water level daily.
Last update: 11/10/2022

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